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GIF/JPGs are drafts, and PDFs are final versions. Authors and acknowledgments on the pdf maps.

What am I looking at?

- issue network maps by Issue Crawler and Réseau-Lu

- news maps by Issue Scraper and Réseau-Lu (Google news analysis)

- lexical, textual and semantic analysis by WordSmith and Réseau-Lu

Issue Network Maps (and other Issue Mappings)

For the ppl of Iran: #iranelection RT (2009) [graphics] [movie]

The Nationalities of Issues: Rights Types (2009) [graphics]

Mapping the Palestinian Web Space (2008) [html]

The Demise of the Directory - Web Librarian Work Removed in Google (May 2008) [pdf]

A Website is Gone - The Drama of 911truth.org in Search Engine Space (September 2007) [html]

Celebrities Have Favorite Issues - Quantity of Celebrity Endorsement per Issue (February 2007) [pdf]

Celebrities Have Favorite Charities - Quantity of Celebrity Endorsement per Charity (February 2007) [pdf]

Leaky Content: An Approach to Show Blocked Content on Unblocked Sites in Pakistan - The Baloch Case (November 2006) [method pdf]

Leaky Content: An Approach to Show Blocked Content on Unblocked Sites in Pakistan - The Baloch Case (November 2006) [story pdf]

Two Providers, Two Internets. The Case of the United Arab Emirates (November 2006) [pdf]

The Internet Treats Censorship as a Malfunction and Routes around it? A Semi-manual Approach to Internet Censorship Circumnavigation (June 2005) [updated pdf]

A Censor's Network: Iranian Social, Political and Religious Sites. A Hyperlink Analysis Method for Censored Website Discovery (June 2006) [updated pdf]

Coming to Terms: Conflict Analysis of the usage, in official and unofficial sources, of 'security fence,' 'apartheid wall,' and other terms for the structure between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. (2004-2005) [six-piece pdf set]

Press Freedom Network, U.S. (January 2006) [svg]

Media Reform Network, U.S. (January 2006) [svg]

Media Justice Network, U.S. (January 2006) [svg]

Palestinian NGO Network (December 2005) [svg]

Cindy Sheehan Anti-war Network on the Web (September 2005) [svg]

Image Clash: Apartheid Wall and Security Fence (July 2005) [pdf]

What the Hack Extended Event Network Map (July 2005) [wiki]

Communication Rights Network Clippings (May 2005) [pdf]

Digital Divide Cartogram (May 2005) [pdf]

Divide Divide Cartogram (inverted) (May 2005) [pdf]

Internet Governance Debates (in the form of statement juxtapositions): Ruling Bodies (May 2005) [pdf]

Internet Governance Debates (in the form of statement juxtapositions): Name Space (May 2005) [pdf]

Is e-governance a women's issue? (May 2005) [pdf]

Issue Couplings for WSIS: Inserting gender, development and rights into ICT (May 2005) [pdf]

Hyperlink Economy (1, 2) (May 2005) [pdf updated]

Communication Rights - WSIS Tunis: Web network of organizers (November 2004) [svg]

Israeli "Security Fence": Which news sources use which terms for the "fence"? (June 2004) [gif] [pdf] [paper]

Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline: News analysis (June 2004) [gif] [pdf] [paper ref - pdf]

The State of U.S. Democracy: Relationships between advocates' budgets and activities in the Media Concentration oppositional space (June 2004) [gif] [pdf]

Political Blogsphere - U.S. (June 2004) [blog list (gif)] [blogsphere network map (gif)] [lexical analysis (gif)] [semantic analysis (gif)]

Dutch Political Parties configuring around issues in European Parliamentary Elections (June 2004) [by party (gif)] [by political orientation (gif)] [by party standing (gif)]

FCC Public Hearings: Diversity, Localism and Public Interest (June 2004) [blogsphere analysis (gif)] [news analysis (gif)]

FCC and Public Interest Blogtalk (June 2004) [gif]

Privacy Issue Actors on the Web (May 2004) [svg]

Climate Change: U.S. groups in International Context (January 2004) [pdf]

Moveon.org and "Bush Lies" (November 2003) [gif] [story]

Premediation: The News and the Usage of 'inevitability' (November 2003) [gif] [story]

Democracy as Third-world Issue (November 2003) [gif] [story]

Media Reform around the World (November 2003) [gif] [story]

Media Reform Actors on the Web, Madison event (November 2003) [cluster gif] [circle gif] [story]

Minority Media Ownership Actors on the Web (November 2003) [gif] [story]

ICTs and Civil Society: A comparison of the news and Web spaces organized by ICT verus IT (November 2003) [gif] [findings summary] [story]

The Spectrum: Doing quite well without news (November 2003) [gif] [story] [pdf]

North Korea: Which stories are not told (in the U.S.)? (November 2003) [gif] [pdf] [story] [publication]

North-South Issue Geography: New World Map (October 2003) [pdf]

The Downing of the Al-Jazeera Website and the networks that organized around APC's press statement (October 2003) [pdf]

APC's issues, 1991-2003 (October 2003) [gif] [story]

APC network actors and issues (October 2003) [gif] [story (as above)]

WSIS Geneva PrepComs - Textual Analysis (October 2003) [gif] [story]

WSIS Geneva Establishment Actor Network on the Web (October 2003) [jpg] [story]

E-governance, Democracy and Women. Does "e-governance" aid in organizing women's networks? (October 2003) [jpg] [story]

Singapore Issues - G8 Summit Cancun. Analysis of the 130 opening day speeches (October 2003) [jpg] [story] [pdf]

Sustainable Development in Colombia - Actors (October 2003) [jpg] [story]

Burma News: Who's telling which stories? (September 2003) [pdf]

Summer Source
: Software Camp for NGOs - "Who connects NGOs and Open Source?," Tactical Technology Collective, Island of Vis, Croatia, August/September, 2003. See also source of map.

Child Labour (May 2001 and August 2003). Cartographer's log files, 2001/2003.

Tobacco Control Networks on the Web: Regional network fragmentation owing to competition betwen global network-builders? (December 2002) [pdf]

Tuberculosis Networks on the Web (showing the relative penetration of the DOTS+ Treatment Program for MDR-TB across the extended Stop TB network) (December 2002) [pdf]

HIV-AIDS in Russia (with the connections to Ukraine and the Baltics) (December 2002) [pdf]

Sklyarov versus Adobe on the Web: Reading the Configurations of Scandal (June 2002) [pdf] [paper]

Ruckus Techtools Action Camp: Who's here? Who should be here? (June 2002). Map explanation and photo. [final map and data set pdf].

Gender Violence and NGO Authenticity (May 2002) [story and maps] [final map pdf]

Internet Governance Map (and the current and future place of the Global Internet Policy Initiative [GIPI]) (May 2002) [story and maps]

Enron - How to resist issue decline? (May 2002) [story and maps]

Development Gateway - Did the Gateway become a Gateway? (May 2002) [story and maps] [pdf paper]

Enron - How to resist issue decline? (May 2002) [story and maps]

Corporate Social Responsibility (May 2002) [story and maps]

Anti-Corruption (November 2001)

Energy Policy - Cheney/Bush (November 2001)

Issues in the Ferghana Valley (Uzbekistan) according to the Web (November 2001) [gif1] [gif2] [pdf]

Climate Change Issue Network [pdf] and discourse sketch, (June/November 2001).

Karabagh Conflict: Azeri View (November 2001)

Media Freedom under Threat (November 2001) [pdf]

Georgia Independent Media Issue (November 2001) [pdf]

HIV-AIDS in Russia (April 2001)

Map Sets in Presentation Form -

News Talk and Blog Talk
(windows PC recommended, or mozilla on the mac) - Eight Conversations about Politics in Media, News about Networks 2 workshop, de Balie Center for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam, June 2004. See also blog analysis thoughts [html] and event [flyer].

All-American Issues: Seven Stories from the Homeland (windows PC recommended, or mozilla on the mac), News about Networks workshop, de Balie Center for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam, November 2003. See also written report, "Can we do without news?" [html] [pdf].

Issue Network Interventions: The Problem of the Information Format (windows PC recommended, or mozilla on the mac), workshop with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Cartagena, Colombia, October 2003. See also written report, "Do formats organize networks" [html] [pdf] and issue network information formats matrix [html].

The Network Effects of Civil Society (Politics) (May 2002)

Experimental -

Issue Network Evolution [swf] (Autumn, 2004)