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Netlocator, in java
Jan van Eyck Design & Media Research Fellowship, 1999-2000
Govcom.org programming by Ian Morris and design by Alex Bruce Wilkie

Netlocator (aka The Depluralising Engine)

Instructions of Use:

Download. The netlocator only runs on a pc, with virtual machine. Place the two font files in the fonts folder. Run the locator.exe file.

The netlocator accepts up to eight starting points. It accepts the same URL twice.

There are five functionality icons, explained here from left to right.

Govcom.org homepage clears the starting points, and resets the netlocator.

Change settings allows the options of hit and crawl, or hit and count. Hit and crawl crawls the starting points for external links to a maximum of three layers deep. Hit and count crawls starting points for external links one layer deep.

Start locating crawls the entered starting points at the indicated settings, and returns below the co-links, those external links from the starting points that appear at least twice. The fat > symbol allows you to view a returned page. The page is viewed in Internet Explorer, and Ctrl N opens viewed page in a new window.

Save the network saves only the starting points. Choose a name. The file that is created is a 'gco' file, for govcom.org, and is saved in the locator directory. All application files and gco files should remain in the same directory.

Open a network opens a saved gco file.


Once you have selected starting points, 'save the network', before 'start locating'.

To save the co-link returns, open each of them, Ctrl N for a new browser window, copy URL to Notepad.

Alt F4 quits the netlocator. If the netlocator hangs, Alt F4.

See also mapping method